Winter Workshopping

15 . 02 . 15

The first workshop week of our 2015 programme ran this week, and it was wonderful to welcome a friend from just down the coast into the workshop.  James works and surfs in St Ives, where he runs Keebunga surf store and develops innovative solutions to common issues faced by surfers, such as how to keep your electronic car key safe whilst you surf.

James is just about to open up the doors of his shop for the start of the season following a short winter break, and has spent much of this winter focused on launching his Keebunga hardshell waterproof key case.  He’s a designer, and as many designers do when he came across a problem he wanted to design a solution to it. Unfortunately the days of leaving your car key hidden somewhere about the beach car park whilst you surf is no longer really a safe or secure option, however with advanced electronic car keys not responding well to salt water, taking your key with you is also now a no-no.

James developed a waterproof case that fits 99% of modern car keys, so you can sling your car key around you neck and not worry about your ride, whilst you ride. Importantly, though, James has also made the entire process transparent so that customers can see what they are spending their money on.  It is this keen belief in sustainability and transparency that drew James to building his own wooden surfboard with us.  Until now, James has rarely ridden a surfboard longer than 6’2″ – he’s a high performance shortboard guy the whole way, with occasional forays into self-shaping himself small-wave fishes. The 6’10” Jetty that he’s shaping himself is therefore going to be a completely new and unique surfing experience to him, as he hasn’t even ridden a similar size or shape foam and fibreglass surfboard in the past.  We’re really looking forward to catching a few waves with him over the course of this year and finding out how a different size and shape surfboard, built from different materials and by his own two hands, feels under his feet.

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