Wooden Surfboard Workshopper Profiles (No.4): James

20 . 06 . 23

James joined us to make his own wooden surfboard back at the end of 2021, we caught up with him recently to ask his thoughts and reflections of his workshop experience…

James was fairly new to Cornwall and surfing when he joined us having just moved down from Sheffield, but it was clear he had embraced the coastal lifestyle and had huge appreciation for its walks, waves and welcome. Despite only taking up the sport earlier in the year, a background in county level competitive swimming meant he had been keen to push his level of surfing, and the board he chose to make reflected that. The 7’2 Coaster is a fast cruisey board, which can be surfed in waist high summer waves right through to more meaty overhead surf.

Here are some of James’s thoughts after reflecting on his workshop week:

“The atmosphere from the moment we arrived on our first day was the most memorable part of my experience. The way other workshoppers instantly helped each other, each making boards for different reasons, different shapes, and stories, yet sharing a week and ending it with the same pride at what we had achieved.

The workshop is a chance to pause, from work, screens, and distractions. Making something so unique from wood, using only hand tools, which will eventually be used for those moments again away from work and day-to-day life, out in the surf is incredibly connecting. My board will be with me for a lifetime and each personal touch applied during the workshop will bring back those feelings when I’m in the water.

I loved the idea of the sustainability element and having a board I would liken to a classic car! I’m so glad I did the research, spoke to James and decided to make my board, it means every surf I take it on will feel enhanced, and special.”

Many thanks to James for his kind words and great feedback!

If you would like to know more about our wooden surfboard ‘make your own’ workshops, click here!

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