Our June Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience!

20 . 06 . 23

Last week we were joined by Dale, Kirsty and Nick, who spent 5 days with us making their own wooden surfboards, see here how they got on…

Dale joined us from just up the road in Newquay, he had been gifted the experience as part of his 50th birthday celebrations by friends and family. Dale made an 8’2 Pieces of Eight, which he hopes will be his ‘go to’ surfboard that he can surf in a variety of conditions, and something that will stand the test of time. Dale mentioned that he saw the experience as a chance to do something for himself, a lesson that he hopes to take forwards, and one that could see him join us for a regular surf!

Kirsty joined us from Norfolk where she is a swimming and first aid teacher. Despite having not much experience in woodwork, she enjoyed the process of learning new skills and using them throughout the week during the different stages. Kirsty made a 7’2 Roller Coaster, which she hopes use during holidays to Cornwall and whenever there are waves nearby.

Nick joined us from Scotland where he is a landscape architect, he too had been gifted the experience as a birthday gift from friends and family. Nick made a 7’4 Island Hopper which, being a keen longboarder, he hoped would be a versatile step down board giving him more maneuverbilty whilst still holding the large amount of volume he’s used to. Nick mentioned that he hopes the surfboard will be passed down through his family, we hope he enjoys a lifetime of waves before then, and that he shares a few with us when he returns to pick up his freshly glassed handiwork!

If you would like to join our next wooden surfboard workshop, click here!

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