Inspired by the late Tom Morey this board was made by Chris in our workshop as an experiment, to see if we could make a ‘Paipo’ (traditional polynesian bellyboard) using the same method as our bellyboards, but carving a more modern outline.

With features resembling the classic body board shape, wider and with much more surface area than our other belly boards, this board is best suited to our small summertime waves.

41’’ x 20 ½’’ x ½’’

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Dimensions 104 × 52 × 1.2 cm

From £900.00

We all swam out last summer to give the board it’s first surf and were so stoked with the results, even though the waves were lacking any real power, the board absolutely flew! After posting pictures of the session on social media we had a fair bit of interest, and so decided to offer it as a custom product on our website.

As with the traditional and performance bellyboards we make our own plywood, laying up thin veneers to give just the right amount of flex, and laminate them over a tried and tested mould to give the perfect amount of lift in the nose. The outline of the board and the rails are a 60% bottom and 40% top chine (angled flat edge), essentially a scaled down version of a thicker foam board.

Everything we make here starts life in the timber stack outside our workshop, so all our custom products take time to make.

We will do our best to make your item as quickly as we can, but we also know that rushing things almost always ends with poor results.

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