12″ at its widest point, tapering down to 11″ at the tail to give you maximum lift with a little extra hold.

48″ x 12″ x 1/2″

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 135 × 40 × 15 cm

From £450.00

Rediscover the delights of what’s on offer waist-deep in the whitewater, and ride waves the traditional way on a classic British bellyboard, or grab a pair of swim fins and swim out back to catch some bigger, unbroken waves. Made with the longest of our offcuts (left-over from making our shortest of surfboards), these bellyboards are our take on the timeless 4’ x 1’ curved plywood bellyboards that can be found in countless beach huts and holiday homes around the coast.

We make our own plywood, laying up thin veneers to give just the right amount of flex, and laminate them over a tried and tested mould to give the perfect amount of lift in the nose so that you won’t catch it and pearl. The rails are rounded at the nose, transitioning into a hard “down rail” through the back half of the board to increase lift and responsiveness on unbroken wave faces.

Everything we make here starts life in the timber stack outside our workshop, so all our custom products take time to make.

We will do our best to make your item as quickly as we can, but we also know that rushing things almost always ends with poor results.

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