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Pieces of Eight

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The Pieces of Eight isn’t quite a longboard but it isn’t a mini-mal either. It finishes heavier than it’s foam counterparts generating more momentum and glide and the neutral buoyancy of wooden boards allow it to be easily duck-dived in waves over chest high. This board can be surfed from the tail or treated as a mal and cross stepped for nose riding, a great all rounder.

8’3” x 21½ ” x 2⅞” - 55.1 l

Please note our custom surfboards are made to order. We often have a waiting list with varying lead times, so contact us for an estimated completion date.
You can also make your own Pieces of Eight, on one of our week-long wooden surfboard workshop courses.

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Please be aware that each board is handmade to order. By placing an order for an Otter surfboard you're commissioning a custom product, which means we can't guarantee a time for completion. Once your order has been placed, we'll get in touch with you and begin the process of building your unique surfboard.

Triple Pale

Triple Dark

Cedar and Poplar mix

Single Pale Sandwiched by Dark

Double Pale Sandwiched by Dark

Make It Yourself


Building your board with your own two hands and literally knowing it inside and out makes it much more than just another purchase; you develop a deeper connection with your surfboard. Ever put together some shelving or put a picture hook up on a wall? That's about all the experience that you'll need. You'll build the surfboard of your choosing alongside a maximum of two other people, with us guiding you through each step of the process.

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Since completing my Pieces of Eight last September I've had the pleasure of riding it numerous times. I've taken to the board like a duck to water, dropping an impressive 18 inches from my regular board size, not to mention a fair bit of volume along with it. Of course I thought there might be a lengthy adjustment period before I really got to grips with the board given the size difference from what I'm used to, but within a couple of sessions I was catching just as many waves as before, and even dropped in to one of the bigger waves of my life with James in Gwithian when I came down to collect the board.

Ian Farrell - August 2012 workshopper

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