A Review From The Road

01 . 03 . 13

It’s always great to get feedback from clients about the boards that we’ve shaped them, and particularly so when the feedback is accompanied by photographs of the board in action.  Add a little sunshine and surfing in boardshorts into the equation, and you can imagine how stoked (and envious) we were here in the workshop when we received an e-mail from Haris at the start of February.  Haris had asked James to shape him a 9’0″ long x 28″ wide high performance SUP (115 litres volume) for travelling with.  Haris took the board out to Costa Rica in January and managed to get some photos of the board in action.  Boy do those waves look fun!

“James, Happy New Year.  I am writing from Costa Rica.  Got here a week ago with the board.  It surfs great, I had a few days in Devon and a week here and it is the best SUP board I have ever tried.  I put a track pad on because I just couldn’t feel where my back foot was.  You really need to get you back foot just over the fin to swing the board around…the waves here in Costa Rica are super fast, there is no time to think, so just feeling the track pad helps me to feel if I am back far enough.  The board is really great and helps in the offshore winds.  I have included a few photos.  It’s a cracking board!  Haris.”

It’s really wonderful knowing that people are getting good waves on the wooden surfboards that we’ve built them, and the photos that Haris sent through really got us looking forward to the arrival of Spring.

Now some of you may be wondering how Haris ended up with an SUP when we don’t have one as part of our range of surfboards?  Well, obviously our range of surfboards isn’t strictly limited to those shown on the website; we can make a board with any dimensions, the only difference being that it takes more time to design it and get all of the frame cut out.  Haris approached us and enquired about the possibilities of ordering a custom board, and we were able, and happy, to help out.

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