Kevin, Jo and Olly’s Wooden Surfboard Workshop Experience

07 . 12 . 22

Last week we were joined by father and son team, Jo and Olly and Firefighter, Kevin, who all came to make their own wooden surfboards, see how they got on!…

Jo had travelled to us from Suffolk and was joined for a few day by his son Olly, who was due to be gifted the finished surfboard for his 30th birthday. As it happened, Olly was keen to get involved in the making process, upon finding out about the workshop, so the two had a great opportunity for some quality time, spent working together on a shared project, which Olly would then be taking to the coast every chance he gets to surf with friends.

The shape they had chosen to make was the 7’2 Barque, a mid length egg designed to catch waves easily for use in a wide range of conditions.

Having always enjoyed woodwork Jo was keen to use this chance to step away from behind a screen, and get stuck into the making process, grateful for 5 full days of focus in the workshop and a special experience with his son. Olly also had enjoyed making things in the past, and was happy to rediscover his love for the process, both Jo and Olly said that they wanted to continue with home projects following on from their week spent with us.

For us it’s always great to know that the making process is just as special as the finished surfboard, which will also serve as a reminder of a rewarding and unique experience.

Kevin joined us from Kent and had been gifted the experience as a 40th birthday present from his partner, Loz, they spent the week staying onsite in one of the cosy eco cabins a short walk from the workshop. After having made a balance board and a few other DIY at home projects in the past, he was happy to develop his skills, working with wood more intricately during his time in the workshop, enjoying seeing the process come together.

Kevin made the 9’4 Seasaw, one of our longboard shapes designed as a blend of traditional and newer styles. He chose it for maximising his wave count and making the most of any future trips to the west country.

The next time will probably be when he comes to collect his freshly glassed handiwork, ready to be splashed at the bottom of the hill in Porthtowan for the first surf!

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