Monday Morning Surf Club!

27 . 03 . 23

Bow and Andy made the most of a wedgey, unpredictable morning at Portreath, awesome commitment!

Here’s some words from Ally:

“We were disappointed when we arrived at Porthtowan, after being hopeful looking at the forecast. So when we got to Portreath we were happy to see some surfable waves on the way up to high-tide, which isn’t always the case. Once in there it took commitment from the guys surfing to get into the waves, which were hard to read and were jacking up fast, making take offs tricky. Bow and Andy surfed really well and got some fun rides bathed in the warm sun!”

Both Bow and Andy were riding 7’2 Coasters, Andy having joined us on a ‘make your own’ course a few years back.

See you next week for whatever the waves have in store for us!

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