Monday Morning Surf Club!

01 . 05 . 23

It didn’t look like much but there were a few bumpy ones to be had at low tide, you don’t know until you go!

Here are some words from Ally about this mornings session:

” When we first got to the beach we took a chance, thinking there would be enough wave shape to take the surfboards in, and we definitely made the right call, despite the rip tide making it very difficult to link up and film waves being riden. It was fun to catch up with Mat and Chris who we hadn’t seen in a while, and the beauty of onshore, questionable conditions is… we had the waves all to our selves!”

Mat was riding his 9’6 Tea Trea

Chris was sharing Ally’s 6’4 Woodburner

Paul was on our 9’1 Wicket

James rode his 5’10 Fetch

See ya next week!

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