Monday Morning Surf Club!

13 . 11 . 23

We managed to get to some shelter this morning and were surprised at what we found…

Some words from Ally who was filming on the inside:

“When we first arrived at the beach, there was not much happening (despite the predicted huge unsurfable mess) as the big tides meant it was still pretty high, so we jumped in seeing the small swell lines and hoping that the waves would start to break as the water dropped. We lucked out as the onshore conditions and swell forecast combined with the shelter of the bay, giving us a short window of fast, crumbly but makable waves! In amongst the close outs and tricky to read takeoffs there were some lovely rides to be had, James, Gani and Max all catching a few, which always makes a Monday morning pretty special!”

Max was surfing our 5’6 ADPT wooden surfboard.

Gani was surfing our 5’10 Fetch wooden surfboard.

James was surfing our 6’4 Woodburner wooden surfboard.

See you next week!

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