Monday Morning Surf Club!

08 . 04 . 24

Some chunky waves combined with the wind swinging offshore made for such a fun surf!

When we first arrived at the beach it was just off high-tide on the way out, with lots of whitewater on the inside and lumpy sets showing the occasional ridable looking wave. The size excited us and knowing that there could be a lot of change in the waves as the tide receded, we rushed to jump in once we had met up with a few friends all keen to ride wooden surfboards.

After navigating the walls of whitewater on the paddle out, everyone spread out and got on the hunt. In between sets of closeouts and repositioning constantly dodging the lumps, we managed to link up and score a few beauties. Most waves stayed fairly flat, but there was a good window when they were standing up and steaming through. We were stoked with a solid session and everyone got waves!

Andy was riding his 7’2 Coaster wooden surfboard.

Gani was surfing our 5’10 Fetch wooden surfboard.

Max surfed our 5’6 ADPT wooden surfboard.

Chris was on his 6’8 Riser wooden surfboard.

James was surfing our 6’4 Woodburner wooden surfboard.

See you next week!

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