New Surfboard Pick-Up!

07 . 04 . 24

Last Summer Bruce swung by to pick up the 7’10 Clipper wooden surfboard he made with us…

Bruce joined us from London where he works forĀ  Low Pressure, publishing the much loved Stormrider Guides which provide a wealth of worldwide surf spot knowledge for travelling surfers.

Originally from Australia, Bruce is a well travelled surfer who wanted to make a semi-gun style surfboard for the world class waves he enjoys visiting as part of his day job.

The 7’10 Clipper he made with us during the workshop would fit that brief. A classic 70’s style pin tale, designed with size and power in mind.

Check out Bruce’s workshop experience below.

“This is one of those immensely rewarding experiences that is easily worth the time and money you need to invest in the project. We loved every minute of the construction process and while the boards make a stunning wall hanger, they also ride surprisingly well, despite being shaped by complete novices!”

Bruce, 2023

We can’t wait to hear some of Bruce’s surf stories featuring his fresh new wooden surfboard!

Our wooden surfboards are designed with sustainability and longevity in mind, made from wood sourced from local regenerative woodlands.

If you would like to make your own wooden surfboard with us, just like Bruce did, click here!

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