Monday Morning Surf Club In November!

29 . 11 . 22

November has been a pretty hairy month of surf, as indicated by 2 major factors – each week we had to find a more sheltered spot than Porthtowan, and each week the waves were too big for us to surf standing up!

Here’s how we got on…


There was so much water moving around at Porthtowan when we checked it, so we opted to bodysurf at St Agnes, which was still pretty chunky, big swell and period causing huge closeouts and the occasional wall to skid down!


Chunky stormy waves at high-tide, so this time we headed to Portreath for a bodysurf and to use our Paipo, plenty of drops and beatings into the sand for everyone!


We popped around the corner to Aggie again, desperately hoping the the wind would stay offshore – so the big waves that were rolling through would have some shape at mid-tide… we got lucky and had a great bodysurf!


Given how lucky we had been to find shelter and enjoy waves in a very stormy month, this Monday our luck ran out! Greeted by a very scary/unsafe looking Portreath shorebreak, with huge surges up the beach at high tide, we decided not to chance it…

Some awesome bodysurf experience racked up, and fun for all!

Thanks for watching our Monday surf checks, we love having the opportunity to jump in the sea, (almost) regardless of the conditions!

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