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We recently finished a beautifully handcrafted custom Paipo, so we thought we would share some more about this wonderful wave-craft and latest addition to our range!

Our Paipo shape is made in the same way we make our bellyboards, and started out as somewhat of a recent experiment – to see what would happen if we took a more modern bodyboard outline and combined it with our 3 thin veneer approach.

The result was a resounding success after testing the board in slack summer waves, and finding that it could generate a lot of speed even in less powerful surf.

We then shared some pictures on social media which drew some interest and inspired us to begin making more, offering them as a custom product, for folks who are looking for some fun in the summer waves.

Since the first outing, the Paipo has been a fixture in our alternative wave-craft quiver, and has seen a variety of conditions, including powerful hollow waves and lumpy shore-dump sessions, we love it!

Like all our wooden surfboards, Bellyboards and other products, our Paipos are sustainable and made to last a lifetime.

If you would like some more information on how to get yourself one of our custom paipos, click here!


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