Sea Sliding Next Saturday Anyone?

05 . 04 . 13

What’re you doing next Saturday?  We’ll be going for a swim in the waves – you should come along too.

Saturday April 13th 2013 will see a gathering of finless wave-riders at Lusty Glaze beach in Newquay for the first annual Slyder Cup, both waterpeople who always and forever forgo “normal” surfboards and those of us who just enjoy the occasional slide in between riding regular boards which are kept on track by fins.  There will be bellyboarders, paipo riders (the traditional precursors to the modern-day bodyboard), mat enthusiasts (who slide around on 3ft long inflatable mats that resemble short airbeds), bodysurfers and handplaners, alaia sliders and all manner of other surf-craft.  The only rule is that surfboard fins (the sort that are attached to the underside of your surfboard to give you directional stability) are not allowed.  Swim fins, however, are.  We’ll be there with a stack of handplanes (both our original hand-hole models and some new strapped versions) and we’ll be delivering a freshly finished paipo to a customer, but make no mistake we’ll be getting in the sea to join in the fun too.  And that’s what these sort of events are all about; a sense of fun and community where waves are for sharing and what you enjoy them with or on doesn’t matter, as long as you’re moving towards the beach.  So if you’re around then come on down and try out some different ways of enjoying the waves and playing in the sea.  If you fancy entering then you can do so here.  We hope to see you there!

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