Surfboard Focus: 9’6″ Pier Longboard

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Take a walk along the Pier with us.  The Pier is currently the longest surfboard in our range’ it’s our take on a traditional mal at 9’6″ x 22 7/8″ x 3 1/4″ with a classic outline and updated rail profile.  This is a board with heft and inherent momentum; it takes a few extra strokes to get up to speed but it will catch even the smallest of waves and once up and riding it is happiest in trim, locked in and flying down the line linking section after section.  If you want to move this surfboard around then it requires you to move yourself, either micro-adjustments to side-slip under a crumbling section or stepping right back over the big D-fin to pivot off the bottom before cross-stepping your way forward as you drift back up the wave face.  The Pier offers a fantastic platform for long nose-rides, the sort that make you forget that you’re perched on the bonnet of 9’6″ of wooden surfboard, and provides a stable path when you need to back-pedal towards the tail.  In short, this surfboard offers you the opportunity to be as dynamic or as static as your mood takes you, be it poised contentedly enjoying the sensation of a surfboard in perfect trim or dancing around using your weight to effect changes in direction and speed.

The Pier is a surfboard that makes you work with what you’ve got.  It demands a more classic approach to riding waves but thanks to it’s speed and momentum it provides the sort of freedom on a wave that is hard to come by on smaller craft.  The only downside to the Pier that we can find is having to carry it back to wherever the van’s parked after hours of non-stop waves with weak, worn-out arms!  Find out more here.

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