Wooden SUP Paddle

18 . 04 . 23

Recently we have made a few SUP paddles, something a little different for us, so here’s James to tell you all about them…

Video copy:

“Hey everyone, I’m going to talk you through our wooden paddles that we make for stand up paddleboarding. We design them so they have either a large or medium sized head. They have a 11 degree kickback angle so that helps with the sweeping through the water getting maximum power on the water as you stroke. We put the double concave on the front as well which allows you could just hold a good amount of water as you’re sweeping through the through the water. It gives you really good kind of propulsion and momentum forwards.

We make them out of ash and walnut you can see here and that’s because we’ve worked out that those two timbers combined like this give you a really nice soft flex, but it’s nice to get stiffness as well so you get a really positive connection to the water.

The shaft is just slightly elliptical. So that’s all hand shaped, as is the blade and we go all the way up to the handle which again, a hand shaped to be fitting in your hand really nicely nice over ergonomic shape that feels really comfortable.

I’ve had one of these out for about five hours before and I’ve been paddling a long way and they’re really lovely to use, but not as light as the carbon paddle but like I say that spring in them is just beautiful. It’s something really unique to having wooden paddle if you’d like to get one, get in touch.”

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