Wooden Surfboard Workshopper Profiles (No.3): The Labat Family

07 . 03 . 23

Last year Pierre, Camille and Bastien made their own wooden surfboards with us, we recently caught up with them to get their thoughts on the workshop…

Along with mum Matilde who lent a hand at each set of trestles throughout the week, Pierre, Camille and Bastien found themselves in the Otter workshop after Pierre had read James’s book, Do Make, and thought it would be a good idea for the family to share a making experience together.

Pierre made a 9’1 Wicket, our performance longboard, to suit the waves of his home break.

Camille made a 7’4 Island Hopper, the perfect board to help progress her surfing and catch lots of waves.

Bastien made a 6’2 Swift, a to allow progressive surfing whilst still giving him plenty of volume.

We recently got in contact with the family who had these words to say about their experience in the Otter workshop:

“I have described it as a very fulfilling, satisfying and instructive experience to my friends. I had always wanted to do something with my own hands and this was beyond what I could dream of.”

“The atmosphere was very relaxing and you made us feel like no problems could happen to us, getting to know your family was heart-warming and exchanging with you was amazing!”

“One of the best family experiences, discovering together the power of our two hands, and we love the boards in the water too!”

The family are currently based in different parts of the world, but they have had an opportunity to all meet up in Capbreton, France, where Pierre spent much of his childhood to go surfing together.

Bastien kindly shared a ride report of his 6’2” Swift:

“It really is the best surfboard I have ever surfed. It has the manoeuvrability of a short board but paddles like a longboard which makes it a lot of fun to ride. I used to ride a small NSP and couldn’t get any waves because I paddled too slowly. The swift makes all the difference in the world. Moreover, it has a lot of volume but I am still able to duck dive under waves! I am ecstatic with my choice!”

Thanks so much to the Labat family for their feedback!

If you would like to join us to make your own wooden surfboards, click here!

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