Wooden Surfboards And Board Shorts: 10 Years On

11 . 06 . 24

It’s been 10 years since one of our favourite photo shoots, featuring long glassy walls and our 9’6 Pier…

Here’s James remembering the session:

“It was a lunch time dash down to Chapel Porth, hence the board shorts for a quick change! We really lucked out with the conditions, I was able to sit out back on my own and our photographer Mat sat inside waiting for the waves to line up, which they did. Since I was on our 9’6 Pier, and being the only longboarder out, it gave me the choice of waves once the sets rolled through. I remember this as being one of my favourite surfs, you can see in the photos how well everything came together, a lovely drop followed by glassy walls racing to the inside, bliss!”

If you fancy yourself a similar summer session, give us a call, you can order a custom wooden surfboard or make your own!


All of our wooden surfboards are made using sustainable wood,

from local, regenerative woodlands,

for a lifetime of waves.

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