Designed to get you on the water quickly and easily, Discovery is the smallest in our range of flat-water exploration stand-up paddleboards. Named after the smallest of ships from Captain James Cook’s Pacific voyages (Discovery was the support vessel on Cook’s third Pacific voyage), our Discovery provides a stable platform for paddling and will carry a small load if you’re setting off on an overnight expedition. Like all of our flat-water SUPs, Discovery features a deep concave running through the rear two thirds, a reverse stern for maximum length at waterline, and a raised foredeck to keep the nose clear when paddling in choppy conditions. A highly adaptable paddleboard, Discovery is the ideal SUP for lighter paddlers, or for anyone mindful of storage space and ease of transport to and from the water.

10’6” x 30” x 6½” - 260L

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Building your board with your own two hands and literally knowing it inside and out makes it much more than just another purchase; you develop a deeper connection with your surfboard. Ever put together some shelving or put a picture hook up on a wall? That's about all the experience that you'll need. You'll build the board of your choosing alongside a maximum of two other people, with us guiding you through each step of the process.

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Please be aware that each board is handmade to order. By placing an order for an Otter paddleboard you're commissioning a custom product, which means we can't guarantee a time for completion. Once your order has been placed, we'll get in touch with you and begin the process of building your unique paddleboard.

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