The raciest paddleboard in our range, Endeavour is a sleek and fast downwind SUP designed to cover great distances at speed. It’s the longest paddleboard that we offer, and the thinnest; glide and straight-line tracking are its key attributes thanks to the long waterline and deep concave. Endeavour is the ship most closely associated with Captain Cook (it was the only vessel on his first voyage of discovery and was the first to reach Australia’s east coast) but our Endeavour is similar in name only, being far more drawn out and built for speed. With a high bow to cut through and ride above any chop that you come across, Endeavour is a long-distance performer as suited to the open water of large bays and lakes as it is on long stretches of river or estuary.

12’6” x 29” x 8½” - 355L

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Building your board with your own two hands and literally knowing it inside and out makes it much more than just another purchase; you develop a deeper connection with your surfboard. Ever put together some shelving or put a picture hook up on a wall? That's about all the experience that you'll need. You'll build the board of your choosing alongside a maximum of two other people, with us guiding you through each step of the process.

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Please be aware that each board is handmade to order. By placing an order for an Otter paddleboard you're commissioning a custom product, which means we can't guarantee a time for completion. Once your order has been placed, we'll get in touch with you and begin the process of building your unique paddleboard.

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