New Wooden Surfboard Pickup and Ride Report!

10 . 05 . 23

A few weeks ago, Tim stopped by to pick up the 9’1 Wicket he made with us last year. He then drove straight to the beach for the first surf…

Here are Tim’s words following the first few waves on his 9’1 Wicket:

“I had a great little surf this afternoon at Aggie. Tide was coming in fast and wind had swung round to be onshore and a little choppy, so generally might have been better an hour earlier, but I still got some beauties! Just used a single fin for this one – part laziness, part frothing to get in, and partly I’d already waxed, so didn’t want to bash around with fins! 🙂

Love the feeling of paddling on the wooden board – wave slap on the hollow hull was like being in a boat or canoe! Board felt really floaty – I even played with kneeling to paddle – and she paddles out pretty fast. Easy to sit on the tail and turn for a wave, lovely glide to catch, and I think the weight helps to bring the board down the face. Once up and riding, easy and responsive to turn swiftly and glide down the line with still plenty of stability rather than twitchiness. Plenty of interest about the board in the water (and car park) too!

Interesting that it felt slightly different to my experience on traditional construction boards. Looking forward to many more adventures on it!”

Thanks for the review Tim! We are stoked to hear how well you got on, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in the water for a surf!

If you are interested in joining us like Tim did, to make your own wooden surfboard, click here!

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