Wooden Surfboard Focus: The 6’4” Woodburner

06 . 02 . 24

The 6’4 Woodburner is a favourite with the team here and is a popular surfboard for many of our workshoppers who choose to come and make their own, read on to find out why…

At 6’4″ x 22 1/4″ x 2 3/4″ – 36 l the Woodburner wooden surfboard is the biggest fish in our range.

Originally designed as a surfboard for smaller waves, paddle speed and folks who like a bit of volume, but also the opportunity to make more critical turns, this surfboard has become so much more.

As well as being an accessible surfboard for people looking to step down from longboards, or for folks who don’t get in the sea quite as much as they would like, the Woodburner offers great progression for turns and manoeuvres and overall solid performance in a range of conditions.

Here are some words from James about the design details, more of which you can hear by clicking the above video link:

“This board is designed for surfers who are used to bigger boards and want something a little more compact and manoeuvrable, but don’t want to sacrifice wave count. You might be a beginner looking for a surfboard to progress onto, or a longboarder looking for a smaller surfboard. The low rocker and flat bottom give you incredible speed, which couples with the high volume throughout to mean you’ll be able to catch waves an have fun in anything from knee high to overhead.”

Two time wooden surfboard workshopper Michael from Guernsey had this to say after his first surf on a woodburner:

“A series of waves moving my backfoot forward for trim speed, right back for turning, the board is flying and other surfers are starting to think I am losing it from the cackles erupting from beachside of the shoredump. Last wave, walled up, almost closing out forehand wave, pumping for speed the whole way, just kept going faster and I know I did not hit top speed, finished with a floater over a section and walked home confused, grinning from ear to ear and absolutely stoked.

I could probably surf that board in just about all conditions for a few years and still not know what it is capable of. A fascinating board with a lot of positive idiosyncrasies which will take a lifetime to dial.”

Local surfer Larry gave us his review after a fun surf which resulted in a few of the photos seen near the top of the page:

“As expected it was fast: effortlessly and naturally fast. The welcome weight of wood, (and the sound of G. Wayne Thomas suddenly playing in my ears) an Otter board serves up creates a different surfing experience all together. The Woodburner’s bigger and heavier than the sort of fish that I’d normally ride but it swings into waves smoothly and once it’s up to speed it runs off down the line really quickly so I could pump through and link fast sections easily, making it right through to the little inside section on a few with speed to burn.

This being a bigger fish, I think it’d go even better in bigger waves so that it has a bit more wave face to explore and more space to turn.”

As a proud member of the Woodburner crew myself, this author can attest to the range of conditions the surfboard is suitable for, having surfed one regularly for most every session for the last 6 years, winter, summer and all the swells in between.

The Woodburner from the pictures above is over 6 years old and is surfed by our Monday Morning Surf Club crew every week, this hollow wooden surfboard along with all shapes in our range – is designed with longevity and a lifetime of waves in mind.

If you would like to get your hands on one, you can make your own, or custom order.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to get in touch!

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